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Global Warming

Climategate & Other Earth Shattering News!

It’s been an exciting few weeks in the world of climate change – both for the science and the politics. We’ve had the thrill and intrigue of Climategate with sensitive information leaked from the Climate Research Unit (CRU), followed by the nail biting soap opera antics of Australian politics over the vote for the proposed […]

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Real Reminder

I got a good reminder yesterday – not everything is what it seems! I saw some new hand-soap which called itself ‘organic’ with a very eco-friendly name.  As I looked on the back label for a company website to see where to buy it, I noticed the ingredients – the second one listed was Sodium Lauryl Sulphate! It was a real […]

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Death of a Seeds-man

Quite bizarrely, my last blog (12 Sep 2009) about soil erosion and declining soil quality due to modern conventional farming methods was published on exactly the same day that Norman Borlaug died. And who is Norman Borlaug? I hear you ask. He is considered to be the father of modern grain farming because he developed […]

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Just Blown Away!

My original idea with this entry had been to expand from the FSA report comment from my last blog into the benefits of organic farming for developing countries and then explaining the philosophy of biodynamic farming. But I got sidetracked by my research, hence the delay in publishing this entry – my apologies for making […]

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Report Retort!

The FSA (Food Standard Agency) released a report last week, the basis of which was to compare the nutritional benefits of organic food compared to conventional food. The conclusion of the report was that there was little difference in nutritional value between the two and hence no nutritional benefit in eating organic food. As you […]

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Healing Powers

I must apologise for not writing for over a month while I was back in the UK – it was a hectic time in England. I’m back in Perth, Australia and ready to write again! In April I wrote about our water filter episode and how Mike’s hand was having problems healing. He’s been back […]

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