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How Much

Does it cost the earth?

I suppose the question on every potential holistic eater’s lips is: But is it really expensive? We all suppose it is, but how do we really know?  By keeping track of course! I guess it’s the engineer in me, and I do like a good spreadsheet, especially one that shows comparisons… As part of our […]

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Bagged it!

I save all the small plastic bags that we put our fruit and veg in at the store and I then use them for other things – rubbish bags, storing other stuff. Well today I used the last one! Now there is only a selection of brown paper bags! I think that’s a good sign.

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Shopping List

Organic Delight or Not…

We spent the day travelling around Perth – from north to south – looking around some of the organic food shops.  What a wide variety of quality – some are quite good and others quite disappointing in their choice of goods.  Luckily we seem to be in the middle of a number of them, but […]

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Organic Veg

The Organic Fruit & Veg Hunt

Returning to Perth, Australia after spending so many years in the USA and the UK is quite a change with regard to this new way of life. Actually it’s quite a challenge – especially in regard to the choice and selection of organic fruit and vegetables available in the local supermarket (or lack of…). We’ve […]

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