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Hot Air

Just Hot Air…

We all know how much hysteria the health of the earth is causing around the world.  All the talk about reducing global emissions, the guilt trips to make you reduce your personal carbon foot print, the threat of rising sea levels – I used to find it all quite scary… First we were told to […]

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Dinner Party

Small Talk – Big Ideas!

We were invited to a small dinner party last weekend. Just a few couples, all over 50, well educated, well spoken and supposedly well informed on health matters. Towards the end of the evening our small talk moved to food and health.  This may have been instigated by us as we had brought dessert – […]

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West Australia

Margaret River Rules!

It was a long weekend here and we spent it down at Margaret River.  I’d better explain where and what Margaret River is…  It’s located 290 km south of Perth and it used to be a sleepy dairy farm area with a great reputation for surfing.  Now it’s full of excellent wineries, talented craftsmen and […]

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