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It appears that the Corn Refiners Association (CRA) in the USA is fighting back against allegations that High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS) is increasing the risk of diabetes, liver disease and obesity by…  Can you guess how?  No, it’s not new scientific research or in-depth clinical trials, but by…  Changing the name! If the CRA […]

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On The Boat

Push the boat out…

I was lucky enough to be onboard the YachtPlus boat, Ocean Sapphire, last Monday for a special event with two of Australia’s top celebrity chefs, Gary Mehigan and Adrian Richardson.  Gary Mehigan is now a major personality in Australia for his lead role in Masterchef & Adrian Richardson is renowned for his part in Boys […]

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Sugar sucks!

My personal experience has now been ‘confirmed’ by science – carbohydrates are addictive (Sunday Times, 5 Sep 10 – Fat fix…).  I have seen it with my own eyes, though I’m not convinced that ‘addictive’ is the correct term.  Perhaps ‘strong cravings’ is really a better description! My experience comes from Mike.  We have been […]

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