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Full English

Message for MSG

It’s amazing how we all get taken in by marketing hype.  And that means even me too!  I was looking at bacon recently in the supermarket.  I was determined to avoid the sub-standard quality bacon that used injected brine to salt the meat. My eye was attracted to a product whose packaging looked rustic promoting […]

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Better Butter’s Back!

I’m so pleased to announce that spreadable 100% grass-fed dairy butter is back on the menu! After Kerrygold changed their spreadable butter recipe by adding oil (see my blog – Spreading the Word – or not!) they have just brought back a milk only spreadable butter.  Hurray!  Only now it’s in a new form – […]

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Olympic Torch

Olympic Strength?

The London 2012 Olympics started yesterday with an interesting opening ceremony – very eclectic! I do find it bemusing that the official sponsors of this Olympics include Coca-Cola and MacDonald’s! For an event which is meant to encompass health and fitness it seems incongruous that products known for their lack of health benefits have such […]

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Food Labels

Don’t be fooled…

I’ve just come across another good example of marketing hype with labeling… In a very posh hotel they are offering complimentary bottles of green tea in their rooms. Here is what the bottle states: Green tea with honey and ginseng 100% all natural Where great taste and goodness ‘naturally’ come together. Green tea for its […]

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Let’s sum it all up…

I was reading about the recipients of The Queen’s Anniversary Prizes 2012 in the Times last Friday and one of them is the Institute for the Environment at Brunel University for their work showing the widespread occurrence of feminised male fish in the UK waters. They believe that it’s not only the effect of the […]

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Fitness Studio

New Year’s Resolutions

Just a quick entry as we’ve been busy getting our new Fitness Studio ready on the Retreat. As my New Year’s resolution is to get more fit and toned I’ve put myself onto the next Fitness & Detox Kick-start retreat which starts on Thursday… So I get to try out the new space and equipment […]

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