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Fire ring

Get Your Energy Flowing…

“Make yourself so happy that when others look at you, they too become happy” – Yogi Bhajan. If the winter weather has given your energy and motivation a battering, then this week, we have just the thing for you… ‘Breath of fire’ is going to get your energy flowing and bring you back on top […]

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I am happy

The Power of Affirmations

When we make affirmations, we are strongly declaring something to be true. We often verbalise these truths and say them aloud to give them more weight. By making these short, powerful statements, we are exercising control over our thoughts which can, in turn, help to shape our reality. When we think of affirmations, we often […]

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meditation for self renewal

A Meditation For Self Renewal

You may be wondering, just what is ‘self-renewal’? And why do I want to meditate on it? Well, self-renewal can mean different things. On a short-term and immediate basis, you might be looking at recovering from physical or mental exertion that has left us exhausted and needing a boost of energy. Alternatively, you could be […]

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