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About Us

Raw Horizons and the retreats at Split Farthing Hall were established by Dr Claire Maguire and Andrea Maguire, a step-daughter and step-mother team, to create a safe haven where women could come to transform their lives and resolve their issues. Somewhere to learn, to laugh and enjoy the experience in luxury.

Dr Claire Maguire – Co-Founder

Dr Claire MaguireThe inspiration to create Raw Horizons came after Claire was diagnosed, at the age of 37, with breast cancer. Although Claire was already practising as a wellbeing life coach, this traumatic event shattered her own self-confidence and values about body image.  It made her realise the importance of loving our bodies as they are, accepting who we are, being passionate about our lives and being kind to ourselves.

Claire developed her transformational retreats to empower people to live the life they desire.

With retreat programmes now run by her hand-picked team, Claire is focused on creating a variety of new wellbeing courses and inspiring people through her private coaching and motivational talks.

Andrea Maguire – Co-Founder

Andrea MaguireWhilst Claire was the tour-de-force behind Raw Horizons, Andrea has always been inspired and driven by a quest to uncover how a woman can create her perfect life balance between career, family and herself. The fact that the family had recently restored their family home, Split Farthing Hall, gave Claire and Andrea the perfect venue to fulfil their dream.

Of course Claire and Andrea couldn’t have done all of this alone so read on to meet the rest of our wonderful and amazing team…

‘Claire and Andrea, thank you so much for an amazing experience. Such a warm welcome and the workshops have really helped me start to see a way forward.’ Zoe G.