End of Year Ritual – Say goodbye & celebrate

New Year Ritual

I am sure that saying this year has been like no other, will come as no surprise. Back in March/April the word bandied around was ‘unprecedented’ – the times we entered into were like none we had ever encountered before. Yet, as we come to the end of the year, last spring and its unprecedented…

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Help your relationships by listening well


This week, I want to talk about listening. I’ve just finished teaching a coach training course where I train people to be wellbeing coaches. And one of the big things that we need to have as a skill set to be a good life coach is the ability to listen, to actively listen. And this…

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Meditation to Remove Fear of The Future


Times have changed hugely since Claire made this video of ‘Meditation to remove fear of the future’ and our concerns about the future now have a very different aspect. Our fear of the unknown is more so than ever as we now become anxious about all sorts of events that would have never worried us…

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Spring Clean Your Life

spring clean

Spring is here and this month we’re going to look at the traditional spring clean concept in a different way. It’s time to take a detailed look at our past routines, our regular ways of doing things and give everything a deep review and a good shake up. First, let me explain the concept of…

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What is Courage?


A solider is hailed as courageous as he gives his life for the good of his country. A mother is courageous when she endures a difficult birth. We are told to be strong, to be brave, to have courage when faced with a particular something we perhaps don’t want to face.  Yet there is no…

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Am I Good Enough?

self doubt

It’s International Women’s Day on 8th March. So I want to talk about the idea that very often as women, we don’t feel good enough. We don’t feel deserving or we think that we’re not measuring up to other people. All this doubt creeps in and it becomes a sort of habitual way of being.…

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