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Autumn change

Autumn – a time to welcome change

“Autumn shows us how beautiful it is to let things go” – Unknown. Autumn is a glorious time of the year. It marks the start of the time to go inward again and carve out periods of stillness, reflection and rest for the the mind and body. The chill in the air reminds us to […]

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digital technology

10 Tips to Combat Digital Addiction

My recent blogs have raised the concern of the impact of digital devices on us and our children’s emotional health (Why a Digital Detox? & Digital Detox for Kids). Now we are drawing everything together and offering you and your family 10 top tips on how to kick technology addiction, overload and overwhelm. The guidance […]

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Child on social media

Digital Detox for Kids

Do as I say, not as I do? Parenting in the digital age. Reflecting on our own use of social media and digital devices can be an interesting activity for parents and can be a key part of the boundary setting procedure within the home. Being conscious to how electronic devices and social media are […]

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The Games Your Ego Plays

“Nothing is either good or bad but thinking makes it so.” – Shakespeare. The ego is the part of us that wants to keep us in the illusion that we are ‘separate’ from the Universe itself and all within it. It makes us think that we are somehow ‘different’. Knowing how our ego operates is […]

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Digital Detox

Why a Digital Detox?

‘Addictions are always an attempt to escape from stress.  The more stressed people are, the more addictively they are going to behave.’  Dr Gabor Maté. The world we live in today is so far removed from our original tribal setup and so demanding that we are currently experiencing stressors, such as raising children without a […]

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Befriend your body

My own healing path has taught me that befriending the body and cultivating a non-fearing relationship towards the sensations that arise within it, is one of the most liberating and health-giving actions you can do for yourself. From my own experience I can see that whilst Buddha had a point when he stated that ‘it […]

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Beautiful Roses

Self Love Every Day!

“With self-compassion we give ourselves the same kindness and care we’d give to a good friend.” – Kristen Neff. Last week we gave you a little self-love exercise. Hopefully this is still fresh in your mind but if you missed it, just click here and start feeling the love for yourself… As it’s still ‘Valentines […]

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