Better Butter’s Back!

I’m so pleased to announce that spreadable 100% grass-fed dairy butter is back on the menu!

After Kerrygold changed their spreadable butter recipe by adding oil (see my blog – Spreading the Word – or not!) they have just brought back a milk only spreadable butter.  Hurray!  Only now it’s in a new form – a soft, spreadable block rather than the ‘spreadable’ spread type in a tub.

I wonder why the change?  My guess is that people who buy ‘spreads’ just want something that will spread and have been brainwashed that ‘low saturated fat’ is the right thing to eat.  They haven’t yet heard of trans-fats and the associated health issues.   Hence Kerrygold were probably having a difficult time convincing them to change to a high saturated fat spread.  So their better bet for butter would be to call it a spreadable butter and convince those people who already buy butter to switch to one that they can easily spread on their slice of bread…

So now I have to choose my allegiance – is it hard Yorkshire butter or the new spreadable Irish block butter?  Maybe I’ll just have to alternate!


I’ve just seen that Kerrygold have started producing their 100% dairy ‘spreadable’ butter (in a tub) again – called ‘Softer Butter’.  But it’s only available in select supermarkets at the moment…   Hopefully that will spread.


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