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Meditation for Healing

Can you think back to a time when you felt pretty damn rubbish? We’ve all been there. Maybe you’re not feeling so tip top right now. You could be trying to shake a lurgy or pick yourself back up after some emotional turmoil. Because you see, no matter how hard we try to ward off […]

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Healthy Food

Spring Clean Your Plate

This week marks the second instalment of our Special Spring Series. And this time our focus is on giving our plates a little bit of spring cleaning. No, we’re not talking about getting on top of the washing up, perhaps some of you tackled that as part of last week’s spring clean session. We’re talking […]

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Spring Clean

Spring Clean Your House

Dust off your dustpans and pull up your marigolds because cleaning season is here! Spring has well and truly sprung and aren’t we glad to see it! We’re saying goodbye to the winter slump and energising ourselves for sunnier days filled with fun, frolics and friends. And with the new season in mind we’ve decided […]

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Super Kale Salad Recipe

Kale, glorious kale! Do you remember a humble vegetable ever getting as much good press as kale has over the past few years? I don’t think so.. Everyone’s still loving the lean, mean, leafy green kale goodness and we’re desperate to get more of it into our diets and with good reason! Jam-packed full of […]

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International Women’s Day

Today we celebrate International Women’s Day and what an inspiring day it is. Social media feeds are filled with uplifting scenes of resilience, strength and positivity as we cheer for other ladies across the globe. Gatherings around the world spread the message of female strength and camaraderie whilst we read and share and shout about countless […]

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