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West Australia

Margaret River Rules!

It was a long weekend here and we spent it down at Margaret River.  I’d better explain where and what Margaret River is…  It’s located 290 km south of Perth and it used to be a sleepy dairy farm area with a great reputation for surfing.  Now it’s full of excellent wineries, talented craftsmen and […]

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How Much

Does it cost the earth?

I suppose the question on every potential holistic eater’s lips is: But is it really expensive? We all suppose it is, but how do we really know?  By keeping track of course! I guess it’s the engineer in me, and I do like a good spreadsheet, especially one that shows comparisons… As part of our […]

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Bagged it!

I save all the small plastic bags that we put our fruit and veg in at the store and I then use them for other things – rubbish bags, storing other stuff. Well today I used the last one! Now there is only a selection of brown paper bags! I think that’s a good sign.

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Shopping List

Organic Delight or Not…

We spent the day travelling around Perth – from north to south – looking around some of the organic food shops.  What a wide variety of quality – some are quite good and others quite disappointing in their choice of goods.  Luckily we seem to be in the middle of a number of them, but […]

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Organic Veg

The Organic Fruit & Veg Hunt

Returning to Perth, Australia after spending so many years in the USA and the UK is quite a change with regard to this new way of life. Actually it’s quite a challenge – especially in regard to the choice and selection of organic fruit and vegetables available in the local supermarket (or lack of…). We’ve […]

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