How to stay positive through the Lockdown slump

stay positive when hitting the crisis wall

It’s now been over six months since WHO declared coronavirus a pandemic. After six months of containment measures completely changing the way we live, do you feel like you’ve “hit the wall”? Perhaps you feel like no matter how hard you focus on maintaining a positive outlook and sticking to your routine, you still feel…

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Stressed Executives benefit from wellbeing coaching too

Stress executive

All across the world, people’s mental health and wellbeing have been severely impacted by Covid-19. Reports of increased levels of anxiety and stress caused by the ongoing health and economic crisis fill our newsfeeds and daily conversations. This is why focusing on our mental health and protecting positive wellbeing is now more important than ever,…

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23 million people struggling with mental health in UK

dealing with anxiety & depression

Employers must do more to support the mental health of their staff during the Covid-19 pandemic, as new research shows up to 23 million people in the UK could be struggling with poor mental wellbeing as a result of the current climate. Businesses are missing the opportunity to take taking simple steps to help support…

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