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Are You Clued Up About Heavenly Hemp?

Here at the retreat, we can’t get enough of delicious hemp and it’s many, many health benefits. And after a little read of this, we reckon you’ll be cheering ‘hurrah’ for hemp too… These powerful little seeds pack a serious nutritious punch and are a great addition to many meals. If it’s increased energy and […]

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Chia Seeds

Become a Chia Leader

We’re recruiting new members for our chia squad, and once you’ve read about all the benefits, we guarantee you’ll want to join us! Chia seeds might be teeny tiny, but they sure pack a nutritional punch. Here’s the lowdown… Fibre! We all know how important it is to get enough fibre in our diets, essential […]

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Red Meat – good or bad? Part 2

Part 2 of BBC2 Horizon documentary – ‘Should I Eat Meat?’ was aired last week and although it was talking about what animals were fed and how they were raised, it was all in relation to ‘carbon footprint’.  The question Michael Mosley was asking was ‘How environmentally friendly are the various options for raising different […]

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Red Meat – good or bad? Part 1

There was a BBC2 Horizon documentary this evening by Dr Michael Mosley called ‘Should I Eat Meat?’.  One interesting little bit of information mentioned was: An American study showed that eating red meat increased health/mortality issues A European study showed that eating some red meat was healthier than eating none. But no-one looked into WHY […]

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Coco Loco – Part 2

The Daily Mail article, referenced in Coco Loco-Part 1, mentions Dr Mary Newport and her case study about her husband’s struggle with dementia.  She comments that in Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, Huntington’s, multiple sclerosis (& others) it appears that the neurons in certain areas of the brain are unable to process glucose and therefore not getting any […]

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A Fishy Affair…

After writing about farmed fish in Scotland, it’s amazing how many more articles about fish farming around the world started popping up – all around the question of whether farmed fish is environmentally sustainable. The first article I came across was from The Australian newspaper (18 Dec 2010), and once again the scary comment from […]

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Born to be Wild

I happened to watch the BBC program ‘Country File’ the other day (28 Nov 10) in which they had a segment on salmon farming in Scotland.  It was all very interesting, but one small comment really caught my attention…  it was just a throw away comment by one of the fisheries representatives which said something […]

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