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Red Meat – good or bad? Part 2

Part 2 of BBC2 Horizon documentary – ‘Should I Eat Meat?’ was aired last week and although it was talking about what animals were fed and how they were raised, it was all in relation to ‘carbon footprint’.  The question Michael Mosley was asking was ‘How environmentally friendly are the various options for raising different […]

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Red Meat – good or bad? Part 1

There was a BBC2 Horizon documentary this evening by Dr Michael Mosley called ‘Should I Eat Meat?’.  One interesting little bit of information mentioned was: An American study showed that eating red meat increased health/mortality issues A European study showed that eating some red meat was healthier than eating none. But no-one looked into WHY […]

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Full English

Message for MSG

It’s amazing how we all get taken in by marketing hype.  And that means even me too!  I was looking at bacon recently in the supermarket.  I was determined to avoid the sub-standard quality bacon that used injected brine to salt the meat. My eye was attracted to a product whose packaging looked rustic promoting […]

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Food Labels

What’s in a name?

I guess we’re all inherently trusting and that’s why marketing works! There’s an article in Which magazine this month (March 2012 – Food & Health/Food labelling) exposing how we’re being duped by food marketing campaigns on numerous fronts. Supermarkets such as Marks & Spencer’s have Lochmuir salmon – but no such place actually exists – […]

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Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

I’d like to wish everyone a very merry Christmas and a happy holiday season as it’s also Chanukah… Amy helped me make Christmas Florentine biscuits on Wed and they’re much better than last year.  That’s because when Mum was out here visiting in June, we made some together and worked out that we needed to […]

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We’re Jammin’ Again

It’s that time year again – already.  All the plums are ripe at the same time again, including the Damsons!  Plus we just collected bags & bags of pears too…  Here’s Amy & Zoe helping collect some fruit from our orchard.  They were also great at helping de-stone all the plums in preparation for jam making, […]

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A Fishy Affair…

After writing about farmed fish in Scotland, it’s amazing how many more articles about fish farming around the world started popping up – all around the question of whether farmed fish is environmentally sustainable. The first article I came across was from The Australian newspaper (18 Dec 2010), and once again the scary comment from […]

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