Here’s how to stick to your New Year’s resolutions

step by step

At the start of each year, countless people around the world resolve to change something about themselves, or indeed, many things about themselves. Whether it’s spending less time on social media and more time reading books; getting fit and losing weight; receiving a promotion or pay rise; or cultivating a calmer and more focused mental…

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End of Year Ritual – Say goodbye & celebrate

New Year Ritual

I am sure that saying this year has been like no other, will come as no surprise. Back in March/April the word bandied around was ‘unprecedented’ – the times we entered into were like none we had ever encountered before. Yet, as we come to the end of the year, last spring and its unprecedented…

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Here’s to Christmas 2020 – full of hope

Christmas hope

This year, with the ongoing covid pandemic affecting all our lives, how will Christmas be? Well, for a start, it seems we started getting into the Christmas spirit earlier than usual this year. Downloads of festive songs was up 50% compared to last year from mid-November. Plus the number of Christmas trees and coloured lights…

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Thanksgiving 2020: gratitude during Covid-19

giving thanks

If someone asked whether 2020 has been one of the most difficult of your life, and you answered “yes,” you certainly would not be alone. If you were then asked to list ten things that you are thankful for, perhaps this would prove a bit challenging—again, you would not be alone. Although it is not…

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How to stay positive through the Lockdown slump

stay positive when hitting the crisis wall

It’s now been over six months since WHO declared coronavirus a pandemic. After six months of containment measures completely changing the way we live, do you feel like you’ve “hit the wall”? Perhaps you feel like no matter how hard you focus on maintaining a positive outlook and sticking to your routine, you still feel…

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7 tips for the best morning routine

happy morning wake up

What did you do the moment you woke up this morning? Did you immediately switch off your alarm and get straight into your morning routine? Did you reach for your phone and scroll through your social media feeds for 20 minutes? Or did you settle back in for a few more precious moments of sleep…

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