Dr Diane Brown

Dr Diane Brown - wellbeing coach

Dr Diane Brown is a wellbeing life coach who inspires people on their journey to creating a life they love.

With a PhD in Chemistry, Diane uses her natural analytical skills to quickly assess complex problems and identify simple routes forward. With her background in a global organisation Diane is also familiar with the challenges of busy lifestyles, difficult interpersonal relationships and workplace stress.

Her own health challenges with depression, anxiety and the physical consequences of these, have led her to appreciate the importance of our own self-worth and self-care.

This is what drives her to help others discover fulfilment and joy, to inspire them to new goals.

With this diverse background, Diane’s life skills blend beautifully when coaching others to find their own path through life.

Her greatest adventure has been the one she now continues, which is discovering her true authentic self.

Diane trained with Raw Horizons Academy  under Dr Claire Maguire, to learn extensively about wellbeing and lifestyle, how the mind works and evolves. This builds upon her previous experience and training as a workplace coach.

Diane always has her head buried in the latest research or is attending a new training program as she continues to seek the best knowledge in how she can help others.

In a calming and compassionate manner she inspires everyone to experience deep transformation to capture their true selves and enjoy life to its fullest.

She's looking forward to meeting you and to hearing your story...

In addition to be being the lead retreat facilitator and life coach, Diane is also available for private 1:1 coaching sessions. You can start private coaching during your stay and then continue either by phone or Skype when you return home. Read more about private life coaching benefits and options here...

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'I just want to say thank you, Diane, for making the retreat such a special time for me. It was just what I needed and I feel ready to take on the world again and make some big changes in my life so I can really be the person I am meant to be. So I am very grateful.' Clare S.