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With the anticipation of the longer, warmer days this is a great time to start to shake of the winter blues and any negative feelings, to refocus onto you and how you’d like to be over the summer months.

  • Maybe slimmer
  • More energy
  • More radiant
  • More excited
  • More in love with who you are?

If so, then I’m super excited to let you know that I’m opening up my online course:

30 Days to FEEL AMAZING and be the best version of you

This could well be a perfect fit for you if you wish to take some time, within the privacy of your own home, to initiate a practice to feel amazing and to look fabulous. I will give you the motivation to shake things up a bit and the tools to create change.

The course is 30 days focused on learning more about you and blasting through excuses, stories, judgements to find a sense of ease with yourself, a new found level of energy, an ability to look in the mirror and like what you see plus you may well find you look confident and happy.

"This course is great for anyone who wants more clarity, confidence and motivation for change. The daily emails and journalling give you a deeper understanding and insight into yourself.

This course allows you to explore and analyse your thoughts, emotions and actions, and by doing so you gain knowledge about yourself that you never knew beforehand. The daily mantra's uplift your day.

It has given me the motivation to take up a new active hobby (which I have wanted to be involved in for a long time), and as a result of this I am feeling healthier and happier. Thank you very much! " Carla

How does it work?

Everyday I send out a journal prompt with a coaching exercise, for you to think about, write about and move you forward.

These prompts cover a variety of topics:

Acceptance, excuses, cravings, your relationships with others and yourself, body image, you ‘little why’, your ‘big why’, observations, your inner critic (or ‘bitch’ as I like to call her), triggers, meal planning, understanding the effect of ‘I should’, your inner rebel, behaviours, your inner wisdom, time, limiting beliefs, empowering beliefs, discoveries, your home environment, your core essence, pampering rituals, self-love, laughter, forgiveness, who do you have to be, intentions and celebration.

These prompts and coaching questions ask you to increase your awareness about the way you function in the world, to become observant and to make better choices. You become aware of how you talk to yourself, feed yourself and look after yourself. You are gently pushed into transforming and up levelling the aspects that are not working for you.

The foundation of the course looks at your food and how it affects you. I am by no means asking you to become a raw foodie but I am asking you to see how what you eat correlates to your energy levels and your mood, thereby empowering you to make informed choices.

There is a daily journal to fill out on top of the journal prompt to examine your food, your intentions, what made you smile and a log for hydration, exercise and meditation.

Also included:

  • A guided kundalini yoga video, featuring me, to move your kundalini energy and increase your flexibility.
  • A kundalini meditation video for wellbeing.
  • Daily inspirational quotes to uplift you.
  • A private Facebook group for you to join (optional) where you can meet other women for encouragement, to ask questions and where I will hang out to motivate and inspire you.

We often think we can do this on our own and don’t need a course to help yet I have found over and over that working in a time frame, with motivation and accountability is a much easier and quicker way to get the results you want.

Yes please - I want to Feel Amazing

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“I have found this course very challenging, in a good way. The emails and mantras were a really good way to start my day and have made me aware of my behaviour. They were something to look forward to each morning.

I feel physically much stronger which is a great feeling and I am mentally much clearer with so much more energy. These are very exciting and joyful feelings.

I have wanted and tried to do yoga for years but really disliked it each time I tried. I have discovered I love Kundalini yoga and meditation.
I am juicing every day and now look forward to them. I am far more aware of what I am eating and how my moods affect the foods I eat.
I loved the mantra about habits, good and bad, and I remind myself of this often.

My mood is very good and positive. The course has made me focus on myself and my strength. Perfect timing.

I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this course.” Tracey

I am aware; that you may be super busy and 30 Days to Feel Amazing does require a minimum commitment of 30 minutes a day to yourself.

When we, you, all of us get busy it becomes very easy to put our needs to one side, to plough on with the jobs at hand, to feel exhausted or overwhelmed. The thought of yet another thing to do i.e. look at your needs, becomes one thing too much. I get it.

Yet, what I have noticed within my own life is when I stop prioritising myself, my energy levels become more and more depleted. I try to boost them up with more caffeine and zone out with a bottle of wine (yes, I am not a saint). When I notice and become aware of how I am letting my healthy habits slide, I ask is this how I really want to be? The reality is no.

I then re-engage with what it is I truly want out of my life and re-commit to it. A big why is a great motivator as you can see how you are either supporting or killing your dream and it’s one area we will be looking into on this Feel Amazing course.

There is also the saying if you are too busy to meditate for 10 minutes then you need to meditate for 20 minutes! In many ways, when we stop and become still then we can have more energy to keep going.

If your life is in great shape, then take a moment and congratulate yourself. Ask what am I doing? And is there any way I can tweak it so my life can be in even better shape? I am a big believer in the idea of continually optimising our lives, to live as the best version of ourselves at any given moment, however that may look. Each one of us is different.

“The course was just what I needed to keep me focused after attending one of the week long programmes. I looked forward to the email each day with new ideas and thoughts and what this meant for me.

It is so easy to forget after the residential retreat and just fall back into old ways & this course refocused me. This course ensured I stayed balanced and not think I have to be perfect all of the time. I no longer go for the quick fix latest fad diet which I would have spent a fortune on and not seen any results. I have also learnt that some days a bar of chocolate is just what is needed and it’s OK to eat it…but I can stop there and not beat myself up.

I really think I am much calmer, that is down to the meditation and giving time to myself. If I am feeling up tight I have learnt to breathe and use mindfulness to understand why I am feeling like I do. It also helped with recognising how other people affect my mood but I prepare myself if I am with certain people. “ Bev

I would love you to join me on this course, starting Tuesday 12th April.
Your investment is only £155.

Remember big changes start with small steps and this is what the 30 Days to Feel Amazing Course is all about. It is doable, it’s educational, it’s motivational and it’s fun.

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If you have any questions please feel free to contact me at [email protected] .

I look forward to seeing you on the course.


Claire x