Thank you

Giving Thanks

“Do you think to give thanks for your arms and your legs? Your eyes and ears? In those moments as you come out of the sleep state, acknowledge how wonderful is this vehicle the Creator manufactured for you to use during your visit to planet Earth.”
– Yogi Bhajan.

Whilst Thanksgiving might be a tradition celebrated by our friends across the pond, we say that it’s never a bad time to show gratitude and give thanks for all the wonderful things in life. So with that in mind, we’re saying a big fat thank you to you, our lovely friends and readers, whose comments and feedback always bring us great joy and many smiles…

Whether it’s in a gratitude journal or simply in your head, remind yourself of all the things you have to be thankful for over this weekend. It might be your home, job or family. It might be the pretty flowers in your garden or your friendly neighbour. Be thankful for everything, big and small, and radiate gratitude and happiness everywhere you go.

And from us to you… Thank You xo

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