Omega 6 or Omega 3?

I caught an advert on TV this evening by Flora margarine.  The whole ad was that their margarine was high in omega-6 and good for the heart.  It’s no wonder everyone is confused, when we’re also continuously told to increase our omega-3 intake.  Are we supposed to eat more omega 3 or omega 6?  Or perhaps we just eat more of both as that should keep everyone happy – shouldn’t it?

NO – don’t do it…

After my research on omega 3 vs omega 6 ratios (see ‘Providence of Provenance’ & ‘Not too much, not too little, but just right’ for more detail) it’s obvious that we’re already eating far too much omega-6!  And high omega-6 is inflammatory by nature, so not very healthy for the heart…

It seems that I’ve got something against Flora margarine.  I hope they don’t take it personally as I really don’t like ANY margarine!

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