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Our Coaching

At Raw Horizons, life coaching is central to our Wellbeing Retreat programmes.

Our carefully guided group workshops help you deal with whatever issue is most pressing in your life.  They are tailored to your needs, to help address any aspect of your life, from career, personal relationships, health, home and finances, to life purpose and your relationship with the wider world.

Although the workshops are in a group setting, they are not group therapy sessions. You go through the workshop privately in relation to your personal situation. You are not made to share anything you don’t wish to, although you are welcome to contribute if you so choose. Anything you do share is in the strictest confidence so you can relax and let go knowing you are in a safe, discreet environment.

You can expect our wellbeing coaching workshops to be thought provoking, challenging and inspiring, and often to stir up emotions too. Please be assured that whatever comes up, you’ll be looked after and nurtured all the way through.

Being part of a small group is an important part of the coaching process, and though it’s only natural to feel nervous at first, you’ll find that you will relax, feel safe to ‘let go’ and leave feeling vibrant, motivated and excited about the path ahead.

Our guided workshops will equip you with the tools and tips you need to move forward in a happy, peaceful state of mind and leave the past behind.

You’ll open up to new opportunities in life and look forward over a new horizon.

‘I spent 40 years in therapy trying to solve the wrong problem. Thank you for this life changing experience. So much has changed in my thinking & beliefs.’ Cathy H.

Private 1:1 life coaching with Dr Claire Maguire is also possible during your stay.