Our Food

Our Food

Our plant-based cuisine is an integral part of your retreat experience and is specially designed by Dr Claire Maguire to support you by enhancing your energy, vitality and wellbeing plus helping clear your mind.

'Every recipe had punchy flavour, texture and interest. It’s all beautifully seasoned and lovingly prepared. This food is far from boring and I was full. So very, very full. You may not believe me, but you absolutely won’t go hungry.'
Lotte Duncan (TV Chef & food presenter)

Based on the healthy gourmet raw food concept, our vegan menu is free from wheat, gluten and dairy. It's also low sugar and prepared with an emphasis on an alkalising, energising, clean eating diet.

Our plant-based menu is a gentle, satisfying way to detox and cleanse.

Most of our guests have never tried this type of cuisine before and there are always lots of questions about what to expect. Questions such as:

Will I be hungry all day?
No, you won’t feel hungry at all. You’ll be surprised at how full and satisfied you’ll feel all day.

What will I get to eat for my meals?
You'll be amazed by the flavours, the textures and the variety and you'll find dishes which will really surprise you. Dishes such as a mushroom stroganoff, pizza, pesto pasta, cheesecake, chocolate mousse, apple crumble and lots of afternoon treats like flapjack and brownies.

Will all the meals be cold?
No, all our food is served either at room temperature or warm. Instead of an oven we use a dehydrator which warms the food, so dishes such as Mushroom Stroganoff and Apple Crumble are hearty and satisfying.

Can I have a hot cup of tea?
Yes, of course. You are welcome to make a hot cup of tea anytime you wish. There are tea making facilities with a wide range of herbal teas and regular tea. There is also bottled water and fresh lemon & ginger. Both milk and non-diary milk options are available on request. Please note that we don't offer coffee.

I’m following a gluten free / dairy free / sugar free diet. Is that okay?
Yes, that’s fine. Our cuisine is based on the living/raw food philosophy so it is inherently wheat, gluten and dairy free. We also follow a low-sugar diet. We don’t use any refined sugars in our food and only use natural sweeteners such as dates, honey, agave and only in moderation.

Although the cuisine is inherently vegan and reflects the living/raw food lifestyle, we don't believe this is the only way of eating. We are not 'raw food fanatics' but ask that you come with an open mind, willing to taste new foods and experience a new sense of wellbeing.  We use the raw food diet as part of our holistic process to make you feel fabulous.

Also, changing your food routine, gives you the ability to see your life in a new perspective and this perfectly complements the activities on the retreat. You will leave feeling energised, renewed and with a new found appreciation for what food can do for you, both physically and emotionally.

Where possible all our food is organic and locally sourced.

Please note:  We send out a Guest Questionnaire form prior to the retreat so you can let us know if you have dietary needs or allergies.

'For anyone thinking raw food is for the brave or fanatical, think again. The recipes would suit any gourmet restaurant table and are UTTERLY DELICIOUS, beautifully presented and a joy to eat.' Samantha C.

If you have any questions about our food, please don't hesitate to contact us.