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Private Coaching


Private Life Coaching

Private coaching empowers you to imagine,  implement and achieve your vision. It instils motivation, encouragement and accountability on your journey. It helps you identify what is holding you back and gain crystal clarity to move forward. Together you create a plan for achieving your goals which is both workable and enjoyable.

If our ethos appeals but you just can’t join us for whatever reason, then private 1:1 life coaching sessions are available to you. These can either be by telephone (or Skype) or by arranging a private session here at Split Farthing Hall or in York, North Yorkshire.

Dr Claire Maguire, founder of Raw Horizons Wellbeing Retreats, is available for private coaching sessions.

Dr Claire Maguire
Dr Claire Maguire is one of the UK’s most sought after transformational wellbeing coaches, both as a retreat facilitator and a wellness life coach. Specialising in holistic wellbeing, food relationship and life coaching, she evokes and inspires life transforming journeys through her compassionate and perceptive nature. Claire is also a yoga teacher, published author and renowned raw food chef.

1hr Private Coaching session @ £150
6 session Coaching Package @ £840

Dr Maguire also offers follow-on coaching to our retreat guests who wish to carry on developing their awareness and implementing the gains they received during their programme. This assists a continued and supported journey whilst applying positive changes into their everyday living.

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‘I spent 40 years in therapy trying to solve the wrong problem. Thank you, Claire, for this life changing experience. So much has changed in my thinking & beliefs.’ Cathy H.