Seeing Red…

Recently a friend of mine was told he had a high cholesterol level and was prescribed Lipitor.  Apparently when he asked the doctor if there were any possible side effects, he was told there were none!  I find this quite unbelievable…  Since reading my blog about statins he has decided to put the prescription for Lipitor on hold and try diet first.

As usual the hardest thing to remember is that it’s not the actual cholesterol level which is important but trying to work out why it may be elevated plus remembering that 6.5 was not considered high only 10 years ago…

As his diet used to consist of deep fried fast foods, packets of biscuits and sweets – so full of trans-fats, sugar and processed wheat – it will be interesting to see how he gets on.

Six weeks later the answer is that his cholesterol had dropped quite a lot.  But the reason appears to be pomegranate juice! He had not changed anything else in his diet but had started drinking a glass of fresh pomegranate juice a day.  I will definitely have to research this more, but from a recent article about how “cooked tomatoes are as good as statins in battling cholesterol” it appears that there may be something about the health benefits of red fruit…

That’s definitely fruit for thought 🙂

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