Soy to be scared of…

As I’m now back in the UK that means The Sunday Times again and this week the Style magazine had an article about Soy – ‘The Truth About Soya’.  It’s a good article which mentions that the forests of South America are being pillaged to provide fields for growing soya beans. And not just any soya beans, but GM (genetically modified) beans, which means that not only are farmers reliant on the seed companies such as Monsanto but the plants are immune to herbicides such as Round-up! This means that these GM soya plants can inherently become a type of ‘super’ plant resilient to all herbicides – now that’s really scary! I keep recalling the Triffids  (Unfortunately I can’t put a link to the article as The Times group are now charging subscription for the online content). 

The article also mentions that British beef & dairy cows are fed GM feed derived from this soy but there is no requirement for food labelling to mention this!  The same goes for pork.  Chickens apparently are usually GM-free, however that industry is lobbying to be allowed to use GM based feed…

As I said, it’s a good article, but I still find it interesting that nothing is ever mentioned about the omega-6 impact all this soy (GM and non-GM) has on the food chain and how that negatively affects our omega-3/omega-6 ratios and consequently our health… (See ‘A lot of Puff about PUFA’ regarding the health problems related to omega-6/omega-3 ratio imbalance).    

I guess it will become my mission as part of our Retreat to educate everyone regarding this hidden aspect of soy!  

So, I remain scared of soy…

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