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Food Label

Bring it on…

It’s about a year ago that Don Barrett filed his first case against the big food companies in the USA.  And it’s about time – I’ve been writing about the dangers of sugar (my blog: Sugar Sucks, Oct 2010) and its potential addictive nature for a long time now plus the inadequacies of food labelling […]

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Ice Cubes

Warnings gone mad!

I have to shake my head in wonderment sometimes at bureaucracy.  Here are two examples relating to ‘Label Warnings’ I’ve seen this week: Ice cube bags – so glad to see that they’re labelled as ‘Freezer Safe’! Monkey Nuts – A supermarket chain has withdrawn bags of nuts – after failing to declare they may […]

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Food Labels

Don’t be fooled…

I’ve just come across another good example of marketing hype with labeling… In a very posh hotel they are offering complimentary bottles of green tea in their rooms. Here is what the bottle states: Green tea with honey and ginseng 100% all natural Where great taste and goodness ‘naturally’ come together. Green tea for its […]

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