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Juice or smoothie – which is best?

Juice or smoothie – which is best? On our Juice Detox retreat, I’m often asked the question ‘which is better – a juice or a smoothie?’. The answer is really that they’re both good, but it’s how you use them. But before I answer in more detail the other really important thing to remember is […]

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Claire Book Talk

Fresh and Sophisticated
The Art of Radiant Eating

As you may have heard on the grapevine or through social media, we recently got together with our local bookshop, White Rose Book Café, for Claire to host an evening centering on the delights of raw food. We were absolutely thrilled with the ticket sales, in fact, we completely sold out! The bookshop was jam-packed […]

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Smooth(ie) Operator

That old saying – we are what we eat – keeps coming up again and again.  This time I spotted an article (Sunday Times, 11 Sep 11 – Eat yourself happy with mood food) reporting on how micronutrients such as vitamins and trace minerals in the foods we eat can quickly affect our concentration, memory […]

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