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Have your (chocolate) cake & eat it too…

Chocolate gets a bad rap about being unhealthy, but with Chocolate Week just gone by and lots of talk about the health dangers of sugar, it has urged me to write about the good side of chocolate. How can chocolate be good for you? To make the chocolate confectionary that we all know and love, […]

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Food Labels

What’s in a name?

I guess we’re all inherently trusting and that’s why marketing works! There’s an article in Which magazine this month (March 2012 – Food & Health/Food labelling) exposing how we’re being duped by food marketing campaigns on numerous fronts. Supermarkets such as Marks & Spencer’s have Lochmuir salmon – but no such place actually exists – […]

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Do or Diet…

I heard a program on the ABC radio the other day regarding aging.  One person they interviewed was a 50 year old man who believed that by eating a controlled low calorie diet he could avoid all the new diseases of civilization.  He ate only 1600 calories per day and avoided all wheat and processed […]

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