What to Expect

What to Expect

General Questions

On a Raw Horizons retreat you will be looked after, listened to and supported. You will also have time to relax and find serenity. You will learn techniques to use back in your everyday life and you will leave feeling vibrant, healthy and ready to move forward.

For many of our guests it’s their first time on a retreat and there are always lots of questions about what to expect. Questions such as:

I’m nervous as I’ve never done a retreat before...
Please don’t worry, it’s natural to feel nervous about coming away and many of our guests feel the same way. Raw Horizons is a very warm, welcoming environment and we promise that you’ll start to relax and unwind as soon as you arrive.

Is it okay to come on my own?
Yes, most of our guests come alone and it’s the perfect opportunity to feel free and let go. You will also meet other people with similar interests and experiences, plus you can make lifelong friends. If you wish to share a room, we'll match you with another like-minded guest.

What type of guests will be on the retreat?
All types of backgrounds join us. From busy professionals through to full-time mothers, from students through to retirees and from all nationalities. Age is not important as the one thing in common is the shared goal of wanting to transform, grow and move forward.

Will I be made to share personal issues during coaching sessions?
No, you won’t. Although the workshops are in a group setting, they are not group therapy sessions. You go through the workshop privately in relation to your personal situation. You are not made to share anything you don't wish to, although you are welcome to contribute if you so choose. Anything you do share is in the strictest confidence so you can relax and let go knowing you are in a safe, discreet sanctuary.

Will I be okay with the food?
Yes, you will be. Actually you’ll be amazed at how tasty and nourishing the meals are. You’ll be surprised at how full you’ll feel and that you won’t be hungry. We also have sweet delights, a delicious dessert with dinner and afternoon tea every day so you won’t feel deprived. Read more about our delicious meals here...

I’ve never done yoga or meditation before, will I manage?
Don’t worry, our yoga and meditation is suitable for all experience and fitness levels. Kundalini yoga is done with your eyes closed and you just do as much as you're able to. You can even do it sitting on a chair if needed. As most of our guests are new to meditation we use a variety of different styles. These are simple techniques and can be easily used when you're back home. Read more about our yoga here...

I’m travelling by train, how will I get to Split Farthing Hall?
We will meet you at the station on arrival (Thirsk or Northallerton stations). Just let us know your travel details and we’ll be there waiting for you. We’ll also drop you back on departure.

We have more questions and answers on our Frequently Asked Questions page and some further information on 'what to bring etc' on our Practical Details page but if you have any other questions at all please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

We guarantee to treat you with the utmost respect and take care of all your needs from the moment you arrive. You’ll feel at home, nurtured and nourished throughout your stay.


'What a fabulous retreat! I came here not knowing what to expect and your food blew my mind. Your life coaching has also helped me sort out so many long term issues.' Nicola B.

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